Thursday, October 8, 2015

Update for Women only!

A while ago I tested several women's urination devices. I recently tested one I like even better. Weird name, SHEWEE extreme, and a bit more expensive, but a vast improvement. The device is a bit longer with its extension and a bit more rigid for a less-leaky experience.  I also had occasion to use it 'in the wild' which was a real eye-opener. You must practice around others, perhaps starting with women friends. Otherwise you could find yourself plagued with SHY BLADDER. Yup, you have the need and capability, but your mind won't let it flow.

 Second item is on a similar subject for ladies, but this time indoors during disasters. In an extended emergency, you could find yourself low on TP. A great way to slow roll the TP issue is to make a set of flannels for urination only.  With a Hobby Lobby or JoAnne's coupon, buy a yard of plain colored flannel ( natural is best because there is no dye). Cut the flannel into 6 X 9 inch pieces. Use pinking shears if you have then. Hem the edges if you have lots of time and energy. A yard will give you 30  of these. Wash and dry them in a lingerie bag to keep everything else from being covered with strings. I store the clean ones  in a small blue paint bucket from Home Depot. This one fits inside a slightly larger white bucket with lid, also from HD paint department. When using, take the blue bucket out and keep it near the toilet. I use these only for #1 because I don't want the extra fecal material in my laundry. Place the used flannel in the bucket with the lid. Wash them when you start to get low on flannels or if they begin to smell. Some people like to add disinfecting liquid in the dirty bucket. Mine have never really developed an unpleasant smell, so I don't.  This process will cut your TP use by about 2/3, reserving that precious commodity and saving a little cash in the process. These pay for themselves in the equivalent use of a 12 to 24 roll package, depending on what paper you use. Even if you don't want to use these now, when clean you can store them inside the larger bucket, ready just in case!


  1. an excellent post.
    i have read advocates of using cloth for fecal material.
    i say 'cholera!'.
    feces must be wiped in some other way.if you have an outhouse, the phrase 'rough as a cob' comes to mind.
    not for use by hemorrhoid sufferers, for whom some exceptions must be made.
    there is no difference between your suggestion and the use of a holding pail for diapers.
    my mother rinsed off dirtied diapers before putting them in the pail, which had a lid.
    she also washed on a washboard for a time before she got a wringer washer [bendix--third hand].
    your system is frugal and sanitary.
    good post!

  2. I use cloth for urine now. I have an abundance of cloth that I can cut up for disposable for fecal material. I never buy tp, but any paper napkin that comes in the house is used now. I won't be storing any tp!

    1. Linda and Deborah, thanks for your additions to this post. I like the idea of using some fabric, perhaps the less reusable worn out shirt s sleeves or kitchen towels, for feces. I am concerned about the diseases that can be spread through fecal material, especially in an extended emergency. Our other interest in saving TP for #2 is to extend the life of our septic tank in an event that precludes regular commercial pumping. If we decide to add an outhouse, single-use toilet fabric would be better than those corn cobs!