Friday, January 3, 2014

20 pound limit

First, I'd like to say hello to any alphabet agencies monitoring this blog. It's just the harmless mullings of an old broad, so enjoy!

I just finished packing a box for my nephew who is deployed. Based on what I know about his specialty, I doubt he's in a warm bed every night. So what do you send someone who probably humps all he has for a couple weeks at a time, given the 20 lb limit of international priority mail?

There are a few sure bets: Mrs Field's cookies (individually wrapped), dental floss, Hall's cough drops, baby wipes, protein bars, new toothbrush.  What else, given that he probably has the very basics?

I know he's not in the tropics, so I found an alpaca watch cap at the local farmer's market. It's about the same color as I imagine the dirt to be over there, so it went in the box along with felted alpaca boot insoles and a pair of socks. I hope the cigars were OK, too.  That pushed the $$ limit, but the box had a little space and weight left.  I put the munchables in a couple of rodent-proof cookie tins, in case his FOB has a rodent problem.

Being a basic worrier, I also assembled a pocket EDC for him from a small black mesh bag with a zipper. It's about 4 X 6 inches, no real depth, to fit in a trouser pocket. It has 2 mylar blankets, a firesteel, a chapstick, a tool card (with knife, compass, magnifying glass, etc.), small carabiner flashlight (LED)  and small protein bar.

In a couple months, I'll send another box, max weight 20 lbs. Max budget is around $100.  Any ideas or suggestions from those of you with experience 'over there?' Box may get there as Spring begins, or a little before.  Thanks!