Friday, January 11, 2013

Great Preparedness Series

On the Code Name Insight blog.  Started 1 January, so you'll have to catch up if you've missed any.  So far, it's a really good review and reminder to start the new year.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Site visits to Honeyville and Emergency Essentials

  I passed several of these brick and mortar stores on my trek north to visit my sibling.  Wanted to pass along some info. I passed 2 Honeyville and several Emergency essentials stores.  I stopped in one of each on the way up, and will try to do the same on my way south.  Here are my observations:

Honeyville: seems to have more stuff, or is at least easier to find, than on the website. Store is large and spacious. there is space for classes on cooking or use of the products to be held. Prices seem to be lower than the website, especially on the 25 to 50 lb bags of grain. Also, I've found items that I didn't see of the web, either because they were regional, seasonal or small quantity. These included some wonderful dried cherries and boxed dairy items.

Emergency Essentials: Seems to carry just what is in the catalogue, and were out of many of the popular items like My Choice baking soda and chopped onion. The stores are small and compact.

Frankly, I was more impressed by Honeyville. Unfortunately I missed one of the Honeyville's I wanted to visit -- wrong exit and would have required about an hour of back-tracking.  I'll get it on the way home and let you know if it's as good or better than the one I did visit.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sounds of Silence

First, Happy 2013! Hope you all had a pleasant and peaceful day.

Sorry about the lack of posting lately. We've been busy with family, which has helped me work out of a seasonal blues thingy.  A few years ago I lost both parents during the holiday season, so it's likely related to remembering that.  They were good people who lived long and good lives.  They survived the Depression and WWII. Probably where I get my predisposition for preparedness -- Mom was always a saver of stuff "we might need it." She always had a full pantry as well, just in case.  I've been missing them lately, but am also glad they didn't live to see the current economic and political games. Not what my Dad was willing to die for in WWII.

It was an interesting Christmas this year. Got preparedness-related gifts from several relatives, which was nice in two ways.  First, it was what I wanted.  Second, it showed their increasing awareness of the need to have those critical items available when needed.

I've no real insight today, but will be setting out on an adventure later this week.  I will share more as it unfolds, especially if I find any 'lessons learned' or meaningful insight to pass along.

In the mean time, please continue to work on your preparedness, even if only a few beans and grains of rice at a time!