Friday, October 16, 2015

Ways to frugalprep every day

This morning, I thought about a friend of mine who struggles with depression. One manifestation of her bouts of depression is that she procrastinates doing household chores, especially her laundry.  Later as I was folding mine, I thought about the luxury of clean clothes and reflected on my friend. What a sad way to meet with an extended emergency situation -- no clean clothing at the start! 

What a great way to prepare for an emergency -- stocking your drawers and closet with your clothes, clean. 

Then it dawned on me that there are a lot of household chores that when done frequently put you and your family on better pre-emergency footing. Clean clothes, linens, dishes, floors, and toilets will be a huge benefit in a water or electricity outage. 

Doing a load of laundry this week doesn't cost more than doing it next week, but gives you that extra 'stash' of ready resources. Try extending that idea to your regular chores. Are there some that completing smaller but more frequent  iterations could benefit you in the long run? 

I'd really never thought about household chores this way, but now just add these to 'what I did to prepare this week.'  Wow, maybe you're more prepared than you thought, too!

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