Sunday, October 4, 2015

Not just paracord

First, I just wanted to explain why I post so irregularly. This is a basic preparedness site. I prefer not to get into politics or world events. There are many other better sites for that. I promise to post if I find new, cool stuff that hasn't been reviewed to death on 40 other sites.

 That being said, I've got a new goodie to report from my friend, Hawk6. He's the maker of those cool hiking sticks I wrote about a while ago.

Now, among other great items he offers, is a survival bracelet that holds an amazing array of useful items, all for about an ounce of weight for my 8" bracelet.

 It looks like a slightly chubby paracord bracelet, but includes 20 feet of 550 cord, 40 feet of 10 lb test fishing line, a signal mirror, a whistle in the buckle (6 o'clock position on the photo), 2 fish hooks, 2 lead sinkers, 1 magnesium fire starter stick with striker and 12 inches of jute for tinder or other uses (cut end visible to the right of the buckle for ease of finding an end to cut for tinder). For those of you who are not near fishing, Hawk6 explained to me that among other uses, the fishing line and hooks can be hung in trees to snag birds in an emergency. Around here, that means squab for dinner! The bracelets run about $20 plus postage. If you are interested, give a shout to for more info.

You'll need to know your wrist circumference to order. He does have several colors to choose from.

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