Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Turn Leftover Coffee into a Treat!

A friend taught me something wonderful to do with the last bit of coffee in the pot. We often have half a cup or so left in the pot and I just hate pouring it out. Some days I'd reheat it later in the day, but it wasn't very satisfying.  So, my friend pours the cool leftovers into small containers to make ice coffee cubes.  We've modified this a little by using a Ball spice cube form, which makes 9 cubes a little larger than a cubic inch each.  The great part about this little tray is that it has a cover that fits to reduce spills.

Now we freeze leftover coffee in the Ball mold, even though I may only get two or three cubes a day. The next day, I release the cubes from the mold into a freezer container and start again.  Later in the day we can plop a few frozen cubes in a glass for iced coffee.

  I add a little milk, sugar and water into the melting coffee ice. Unlike most iced beverages, this gets a little stronger as the ice melts. It can be a really nice treat, especially if you take some on a long drive or take a big glass of it to the office.  Save those Starbucks bucks by freezing your leftovers and spicing them up later. I may even add a little chocolate syrup tomorrow for an iced mocha latte!

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