Friday, August 16, 2013

Product Comparisons for the Ladies' Necessary

Guys, you may want to skip this unless you have a wife or teenage daughters who object to outdoor fun due to baring all when they answer Nature's most frequent call.

These days there are several alternatives to baring your backside when ... urinating. Yup, another subject we rarely discuss, but one that can derail an orderly move to safety. 

The first alternative is the most frugal, but only works in specific circumstances.  I'll call it the 'Sister method,' because she's the one I've seen use it. She hikes in shorts that are baggy, with about a 6 inch inseam.  When she needs to, she adopts a wide stance and with one hand, pulls shorts and undies to one side and lets it rip.  She had to practice a few times to hone the technique and posture needed to miss her shoes and socks, but it works for her.

I prefer to wear long jeans when hiking, so her method won't work for me. What I wanted was a device or method that would work with the jeans on, unzipped but buttoned. I tested these 2 products in a pair of loose but not baggy, medium weight jeans with a 5" fly opening. Otherwise, what's the point? I tested 2 commercially available devices, the GO GIRL and the FRESHETTE. Both are available through Amazon and other camping outlets. Reviews are below.

Price (without postage or tax): $9.99

Material: very flexible silicone plastic

Storage and transport: easy. Weight = 1.02 ounces without plastic bag or toilet tissue. This rolls up and fits in a tube that's 1.5 by 3.5 inches. Stores comfortably in pocket or inside the tube of a toilet paper roll.

Ease of use: failed. The spout was too short and would not extend outside the fly.  You would need to drop trousers at least part way to use. For me, first successful use was with jeans down far enough to expose fanny cleavage.

Ease to clean: moderate.  There are places that hold droplets after shaking dry, so would need to be rinsed or blotted dry to reduce odor during storage for next use. A small plastic zip bag to carry is a good idea

Overall rating: Unacceptable. Failed basic functional requirement

Price (without postage or tax):  $21.99

Material: Semi-rigid/ somewhat flexible plastic and vinyl tubing

Storage and transport: moderate: weight = 1.1 ounce without plastic bag or toilet tissue.   flattened funnel-shape takes up a triangular space of 6 X 3.25 ( single widest area)  X 1.5 inches, WITHOUT the vinyl tube extended. It will fit in a front pocket a little more comfortably than a small firearm.

Ease of use: EASY! Slips right into place, but requires practice to do this with one hand. The vinyl extension tube gives another 3 inches of clearance outside the fly versus the GO GIRL.

Ease to clean: moderate. there are places that hold droplets after shaking dry, so would need to be rinsed or blotted dry to reduce odor during storage for next use.  Retract extension tube before shaking to prevent back-splatter from the tube. A small plastic zip bag to carry is a good idea.

Overall rating: Winner

Both products come with 'carrying case' that are jokes. One is a thin plastic zip bag, the other is thinner and has no zip closure (GO GIRL).  They must figure that you'll replace the bag after the first use anyway, so why add the extra cost. Probably a good bet.

Both products are made in the USA.

Despite the price, the FRESHETTE is my clear winner using the off-the-shelf product as-is.

HOWEVER, I did not try to re-engineer the GO GIRL. I think that 4 to 5 inches of appropriate size vinyl tubing from the hardware store, cleverly engineered for a snug fit in the spout (rubber O ring?) , may extend the GO GIRL sufficiently to pass the test. It would raise the cost by a couple of dollars, but would still be less expensive than the FRESHETTE.

Disclaimer: Both products require some practice to learn placement for a good seal. I did not try in a skirt for tourist use.  Some landscaping may assist in reducing residue. I purchased these products myself. Neither company was informed or aware of my test in advance. Or after, come to think of it!


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  2. Good to know, thanks for sharing. I'll be sure to share this with some of the ladies I work with!

    - Jackie from Home Instead, the leading provider of Assisted Living in Newport NH.