Monday, August 5, 2013

Thoughts on where to GO when Bugging Out

This may seem really mundane, but here goes.  Do you live in an area where a regional natural disaster may occur?  If so, some thoughts on evacuation and... personal needs.  What if you were part of a regional evacuation, a la Sandy or Katrina? Traffic is slow but moving. Or if you find yourself in another situation where stopping just is not an option, are you prepared if nature calls?

For men, gizmos like the 'autojohn' may be useful.  If it is even still available, it's basically a funnel and container to allow you to urinate without leaving your seat in the car.  For the distaff, it's a little more complicated.  What if you also have several children in the car for a day's drive?

For this potential (and given a small bladder), I added Depends or similar product to my preparedness shopping list. I eventually bought a package of 10 Tena brand pull-on underwear when I found them on special for about 60 cents a piece.  If we need to leave, I plan to unie-up so  I'll be able to go on the go without the hassles of stopping, or the pain of trying to get back in the seemingly infinite line of cars. 

Especially from the ladies, what's your plan or solution?

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