Sunday, February 3, 2013

More visits on the way home

This time to the Honeyville store in Brigham City, UT and the Emergency Essentials in South Jordan, UT.
Brigham City is in a breathtaking spot, right up against the mountains. It was a treat just to get off the highway and see the town. The store is a couple or so miles from the highway at the highway 13 exit. They had lots of goodies in the small retail space, but it was not as robust a store as the one in Mesa. The homey feeling and personal attention from the employees made up for it. They have depth of stock in their store room despite only a few of each item being displayed. I planned my trip so I would head from there around closing time and go right to lodging. The nice lady at the check out gave me a recommendation for a restaurant -- it was great and I never would have found it without her. The nice part of the retail stores is that they have some local items, some specials that are not on the net, and you can see the products.  This store had lots of different kinds and sizes of Utah honey, along with some other locally grown items.  It just felt homey.

Emergency Essentials retail venues are a whole different concept.  They are much slicker, more marketing goes into the layout and product placement, but they are smaller than I expected. I was imagining a big store like Cabela's but it was more like the size of a GAP in the mall.  Despite that, they cram a lot into a modest retail space. The South Jordan store was beautiful - clean with a nice layout that made it too easy to shop. It's about 1.5 miles from the interstate at the 10600 exit.  If you don't understand the grid system in the Salt Lake area, you will be bumfuzzled. There were plenty of signs for the numbered road, but only one small one for the road NAME, South Jordan Parkway. Call ahead for directions if you haven't earned your SLC navigation badge. 

This store had some in-store specials that were hard to resist. The ones I saw were the last ones of recent specials or items being closed out. I picked up a package of 25 MRE peanut butters left over from a recent group special for about $10, or 40 cents per packet.  Some higher-end items were also on close out for 25+% reductions, including  Goal Zero solar collector. This store also had samples of several items I've thought about buying -- including the apple and orange drink mixes and freeze-dried peaches. The apple drink really tasted like apple juice, which amazed me.

I hope this info is useful to any of you who may be in Utah in the near future.

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  1. I would sooo love to be able to go to those stores. Maybe, I'll make a trip one of these days.