Sunday, February 24, 2013

Check your supplies

I strive to be non-political in my posts, but today is an exception. Recent news posts about how the national administration is positioning the impending reduction in the rate of government spending are bothersome.  Rather than absorbing the cuts through rational means, these cuts are being strategically positioned for maximum impact on the middle class and poor. I believe these choices to be politically motivated to bring pressure on conservative elements in Congress to abandon their cries to reduce federal spending, and to increase taxes on the middle class. The rhetoric has shifted from punishing the 'rich' or 'wealthy' to impacts on 'the well-off and the well-connected.'  The placement of the second 'the' changes the grammatical context so that it really means well-off OR well-connected.  So, if you make more than the poverty line, you may also be 'well-off.'  If you are part of the 50% of the adult population that pays taxes, YOU are the 'well-off.'

I urge you to concentrate on your food preparations. If it means adding a bit more more rice, beans or Chef Boyardee in your next few week's shopping lists, please do so. Remember that transportation of food is usually INTERSTATE and can be regulated (i.e. delivery to your area can be slowed) by federal executive agencies such as the Department of Agriculture or Department of Transportation. Additionally, the Interstate Commerce Commission has powers to regulate interstate commerce including haul rates, is appointed by the Executive, is independent of the executive departments (i.e. does not report to a Cabinet Secretary), and its directives have the force of court order.

I apologize for going off my usual message to this dark place.  When the hair on the back of my neck stands up during TV interviews with various Secretaries of executive agencies, it's hard to keep it to myself.  Don't go overboard, just consider have a cushion of a few days or a couple weeks basic nutrition for your family, if you don't already.  There is some, albeit low, potential for shipments to be 'slowed' if the sequester proceeds.

Remember, my past jobs were as planners. We always had to examine the 'worst-case scenarios.'  My mind just includes these, whether I want them or not. This is one of them.


  1. I have had the same mindset that big things are going to happen soon. It has gotten to the point that I don't even want to get far away from home.

    I think we are in a good position with our food supplies and it is almost gardening season. I am going to try and plant a garden just to supplement the goats, chickens and turkeys this year.

    My weakest in preps is medical supplies. I still need to prepare for deep wounds and such should we not be able to get to a doctor. I am about 6 months ahead on the Marines medications. With Obama care coming in I am afraid he is going to be one of those that will not be taken care of as he is only an asset to us and not the rest of the world. I am so sad for the world we are living in today that we even have to worry about such things.

    1. Bless you and the Marine! I hope all will go well with you both. Yup, I'm a bit nervous about where this is all heading.

      If you haven't seen this product for the type of wound you mentioned, check this description:

      The description on this website is very good, but I'm not recommending to buy it there. I've seen it for anywhere between $24 and $35 per 6 gram tube (oh, and the one on e-bay for $99 for the same thing), so shop around. The main difference between this and 'quick clot' (based on what I've read) is that Celox-A does not produce as much heat when it reacts, so no internal wound burns.