Saturday, November 17, 2012

More Frugal Tips

I goofed again. Not sure how this old post was moved up here, but scroll down for today's post  below, titled THE BUTTON BOX.

Every cent you reduce from normal expenses can potentially be put toward your preparedness. Even if your choice is to save, buy food or get out of debt, all are positive steps. Added benefits may include reducing your stress levels and coming together as a family.  So here are a few more tips for those of us who have not reached self-sufficiency or who live a more urban life, at least for now.

Laundry: do less, use less detergent. When I find a coupon for Shout color catchers, I buy them. For me, this allows segregating laundry less.  I now am able to mix the mid-intensity colors and the darks using a color catcher sheet. I occasionally have enough of very light colors to do a load of white and pastels. This allows me to do fewer, full loads.  I also cut the laundry soap by about half. Everything still looks and smells fine.

Bath: We use a bath and shower soap that comes in gallon jugs. It has only a few ingredients and is mild.  I can water it down by at least a third and it works fine. If we want scent, we add a squirt of Dr Bronner's scented castile soap.

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