Sunday, July 29, 2012

What did you do to prepare in July?

Lots to do here every July.  Drain and clean the rainwater harvesting system to prepare for the Monsoonal bounty,  check and rotate those wet canned food items (January and July for me), test the emergency radio and flashlights (last month of each quarter), adjust the auto emergency kits for monsoon flash flooding (add more food and water in case we can't get home for a day), etc..

How about you?  Regular maintenance of what you have is as (maybe more!!) important as getting the next item on your list.  Sure would be sad to finally have that second new 20 lb propane tank if the stove or heater you need it for isn't working due to lack of maintenance!

Part of your plan should include what items need to be checked, cleaned, tested, etc. and how often.  IT's just a paperweight if IT doesn't work when you need IT -- whatever IT is.

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