Monday, July 23, 2012

Observation on clearance items

Since retiring, I've been able to shop during the week -- it's a whole different world! Pardon me if you already know this, but there's something happening at Target that needs mention.   They regularly have items on the shelves with big red CLEARANCE tabs under them.  I'm not talking about the end-cap clearance items that are usually useless fluffy stuff.  Maybe this was happening before and I mentally edited out the red tabs with empty shelves behind them -- these items tend to go fast. Perhaps this is only local because they just remodeled to add a bigger food section.  Maybe they are still adjusting their inventory to the local buyers. Whatever it is, there are some good deals if you can catch them, so please look for them if you have a Target nearby. 

Here are some bargain prep food-storage items I found last week:  the last can of fat-free Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk, 10 ounce cans of Italian espresso in real cans with hard tops for $2.18 ($3.48 per pound), and 39 ounce cans of Chef Boyardee spaghetti w/meatballs for $2.15 (that's 4.5 generous servings @ 9 grams of protein and 12 of fat per).  NONE of these has a BEST BEFORE date in 2012, the Spaghetti date is Jan 2014.  Dang, that's the stuff of home preparedness kits -- edible cold and chocked with fat, carbs and protein for those grid-down moments. For $10 you could add real substance to your larder -- in this case a meal with sweet, creamed coffee.  If you have some left-over biscuits and coconut, add a classic Eagle Brand dessert.

 Happy hunting!

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