Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Solar power backup

We don't have a backup generator. We probably should, but we don't.  Part of the 'we don't' is related to the idea of storing bulk fuel in a residential area. 

This month, Emergency Essentials has a rechargeable battery pack with a solar cell and LED light on sale for about half the usual price. It is normally $409, is on sale for $259 AND you receive a $50 giftcard which brings the longer-term price down to $209.  This is not going to run your air-conditioning or your washing machine. It will bring you light, recharge your cell phones and allow you to use a small fan, your laptop or other small electronics.  If the power outage is longer that one night, stick the solar panel out in the sun the next day to prepare for another night without juice. Maybe it won't seem so long if you have a few comforts working!


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