Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Reader Orientation

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Thanks also to Stephen for the greeting and links. 

If you are a seasoned preparedness guru, but have friends or relatives who are just now catching on, this blog is tailored to that level of effort. Expert-level preppers may not find lot of new or interesting info here, but it's an easy reference for you to share with the novices you know. Baby steps.

There's a method to this blog's organization, so I'll try to explain.

Some preparedness basics and ideas on how to be prepared without blowing your budget are in the pages across the top of the HOME. 

Prep 101 is baby steps for those who are not sure where to start or are paralyzed by the idea. If likened to home decor, think pink or yellow with ducks and bunnies.

Prudent Reserve is about determining what you need to take care of yourself and family in a more personal emergency --  and finding cost-effective ways of gathering and preserving the resources for such a situation. Soon after I learned the concept and met my first goal of 2 months' prudent reserve, I was in a car accident and was disabled for... 2 months!  Amazing how all that works out!

Resources provides a few ideas on finding ways to add to your preparedness without breaking the bank.  I need to update a few of the items, but the basics are there. It could be as simple as taking advantage of buy-one-get-one offers and keeping the 'free' one in your preparedness supplies.  I get my prescriptions filled at K-Mart, accrue 'points' and cash them in for non-perishable grocery items for my prudent reserve food storage-- a small benefit from purchases I made anyway.

Favorites is where I share some of my favorite sources for good buys, good books, reuse tips and just miscellaneous ideas about stretching your everyday resources. When you reduce, reuse and recycle or re-purpose things, it will leave you with time, money or other resources to gather and store your preparedness items.

The blog posts are to provide updates, jog your mind, and share new information before it goes onto a page. For example, I shared the 'bountiful baskets' info in a post, then added it to Resources so it is available more easily.

I hope this is helpful.

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