Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So much to tell!

It was a hard winter for me. Sorry to have been away so long. I have much to write and post and plan to get to it in about a month. I will be retiring from work soon so will have the time and energy to tell you. In the interim, here is a little goody. There is a wonderful program called 'Bountiful Baskets' that is available in many communites. If you are not aware, the website is:


  1. I followed a link here from Steve's blog. I'm looking forward to reading your "ketchup" and if you don't mind my asking, who is your favorite seller that has the smaller cans of dehydrated food stuffs?

    1. I have been buying them from Emergency Essentials (called MY CHOICE) for several reasons:

      1. shipping charges max at $12 even when you buy pails of wheat or other heavy items. I think a mixed case of 6 to 12 #2.5 cans runs about $9 for shipping.

      2. I've had good experiences with their product quality.

      3. I had a shipping problem on one order. EE was fast and fair about making good on it.

      If you are really picky about your long-term storage, you'll want to know that MY CHOICE #2.5 cans come with the metal pull-tab tops and plastic covers. These aren't the flimsy foil tops, but they do have that etched channel to make it easy-open without a can opener. For that reason I usually consider those to be my experiment/use first storage items.

      I did buy some #2.5 cans from SafeCastle that were the real can-opener-required style. Those seem to be sturdier construction suitable for longer-term storage, but are also more expensive, especially when including shipping costs.

      For short-term experimentation and learning purposes, I'd recommend the Emergency Essentials.

    2. Thank you very much for the information!

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