Sunday, June 17, 2012

One of my favorite sources

Over the years I've had good experiences with Sierra Trading Post.  They carry a lot of name brands at good discounts. Stock rotates, but they usually have something in their major product styles or lines, though the brands may vary. They have frequent 'coupons' for 20% off Internet orders, and occasionally even better discounts through web mailings.  I recently ordered a Swiss Army knife tool card for $12.02 on sale at STP.  I saw the same model on display in a local specialty shop for $32.  I almost choked when I realized it was the same one!

Here is the URL for their site.  Right now they are offering 20% off on purchases over $100.  If you sign up for their e-mails they will send special discounts that can be as much as another 35% off of some items.  Some recent examples of the 'extra' discount included women's Smartwool socks for $4.15 (if you don't mind green), packs of 4 Mylar emergency blankets for $3.90 and the tiny-but-powerful Princeton Tec LED key chain flashlights for $3.15.  All these were made in the USA.

For under $20 I built a 'purse emergency kit' of 2 Mylar blankets, the Swiss Army 'tool card' and a flashlight. The whole thing is only slightly larger than a deck of cards. Even a guy might be willing to add that to his other back pocket in an uncertain situation, like traveling in tornado or earthquake country!

They have other items as well - normal clothing for work or play, sporting goods, home furnishings. About half my work wardrobe came from there, especially shoes. Why pay $30 for a black skirt when you can buy a nice one at STP for under $10?

Each description overview also includes the country of origin, so if you prefer to buy American or European goods, you can easily factor that into your decision-making. Their return policy is excellent. No 30-days and it's yours, no 'return authorizations, etc.  Just fill out a short form, slap on the  return label and drop it at UPS, the UPS store of however you send UPS packages. If you provide your e-mail address, they keep you informed until the credit is sent or you get a check in the mail.

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