Friday, March 9, 2018

My Plan for CA

I try not to be political, but this California sanctuary situation is bothersome to me. While I am a big 10th amendment supporter, I believe national and border security and immigration are the federal realm. Yup, I've thought about it often. If I were president, I'd check into the feasibility of this plan:

1. Without notice to the state, remove all TSA, ATC, ICE and CBP personnel from the state. Leave the border-crossings and airports unmanned. Choose which border crossings to leave totally open or locked down tight.  Establish checkpoints on all US highways and railroads at adjacent state borders.

2. Dissolve the 9th circuit court of appeals and implement a re-districting plan to break up the 9th circuit area into not less than 3 districts, none of which is based in CA. Any 9th Circuit court orders issued from the day of item 1 (above) are null and void.

3. Begin plans to move all federal offices and employees to other states. This includes the new Circuit Courts, EPA regional offices, passport offices, etc..

4. Provide notice that if the all sanctuary state and city policies are not repealed within 30 days, no California-based businesses will be allowed to compete for federal contracts. Implement as promised if laws remain in force.

4. Give notice that plans in item 3 above will be implemented 90 days following item 1.  For Federal jobs that can't be readily moved, such as naval bases, restrict personnel to the bases. Move families onto the bases or to other states within another 60 days.

5. Remove any other federal economic subsidies to California within 180 days.

I wonder if this post will get me banned from blogspot...

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