Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Why I love metal mesh security doors

Normally called 'burglar' doors, these have so many benefits beyond security! First, let's talk cost. If you buy the installation tool, you or someone you know can install these. That brings the cost down to the cost of the door and lock. Some can be special-ordered with the lock. Costs start just under $200 per door.  If you want a fancy pattern or color, the price goes up.

We first installed these because our dog had a habit of crashing through screen doors. After a while, we decided on a more dog-proof door. Problem solved with the metal mesh security door.  It gave me a dog-resistant way to ventilate without a houseful of bugs and critters.

Yes,they strain out lots of bugs for late night and early morning ventilation. If you live in drier climates, a wet sheet can turn them into evaporative coolers when the power goes out.

Oh, and they are a bit more resistant to a pocket knife if someone wants to get to your door locks and handles.

So, if you are looking to replace a screen door, or don't have one, consider a metal mesh security door or 2 in the mix.


  1. These have been around forever where I live, where they're called "security doors." Like it or not, for most of us, the days of being able to leave your doors and windows open and unattended are long gone. These doors fill the gap nicely. They're as secure as your regular door, if not more so. Mine have regular and deadbolt locks on them. You can leave the regular door open, and the security doors closed and locked for ventilation without worry. There's no way anyone's getting through one of these things without a fight, and no, the dog can't ruin them either. One other side benefit; if people come to the door, you can see them, but they can't see you, day or night, unless you're backlit.

    The only downside to these doors is that, if you have really nice hardwood doors, as our older place does, no one can see them... 'Small price to pay for enhanced comfort and OPSEC...

    1. Pete, thanks or the comment - So true! In spring and fall, we open the solid doors to cool the house with lovely morning air without the worries of screen doors. Same on some evenings, with the porch light on and nearby inside lights off to prevent the backlighting.