Saturday, January 30, 2016

Emergency Shopping List for 50

Well, I took the plung and joined our local volunteer fire department to update the emergency support plan and ensure that we have what we need to execute it. In the process, we looked at what would be available in a grid-down situation, such as a large snowstorm (one several years ago caused a 6-day power outage) flood or forest fire.

Because the town is relatively remote, we could be cut off by road for several days. We figured 3 days. So how to feed those affected for 3 days with a large propane stove and water as your resources? How do we provide 3 meals plus some extra for stragglers or snacks? Note that we have essentially no budget, so donations would be necessary. Also, we had to assume no refrigeration.

Here's the shopping list for the menu described in a previous post:

This menu will require 6 cases of dry food in #10 cans and should feed 50 meals, 3 per day for 3 days.  Creative people might add a few items to turn the leftover oatmeal into cookies each day.

We assumed that tea bags, salt, pepper and white sugar will be available in the shelter's kitchen. So here is what goes in the 6 cases and our sourcing:

1 case quick oats (LDS mail order)
1 case white rice (LDS mail order)
1 case refried beans (LDS mail order)
1 case macaroni (LDS mail order)

Case #5 (goes with breakfast and soup pot):
1 can dry milk
1 can brown sugar
1 can dried apples (with cinnamon)
1 can orange beverage (vitamin enriched)
2 cans vegetables for soup (Emergency Essentials)

Case #6:
1 can chocolate pudding
1 can tomato powder with herbs (Emergency Essentials
2 can sliced strawberries (FD)
1 can dehydrated carrots (for entree and soup)
1 can coffee

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  1. The best part is that LDS will ship your ENTIRE order for only $3! At least they used to not very long ago. That is a great deal.