Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two helpful articles for low-cost preparation

First, an apology for not posting recently. I am, and have been, ill. I anticipate spending another 10 days mostly in bed. For the next week posts will be sparse, so continuing apologies.

I have come across two articles, within days of each other, that point out some inexpensive and useful items that you can buy once and not worry about rotating --assuming you store them with a modicum of care. What's great about these items is that some/many of these, like salt and sugar, have many uses beyond our current inclusion in cooking and baking.

The websites that provided these articles are also great for preparedness, though not as basic or frugally-focused as this site. If you enjoy and learn from these referenced articles, I urge you to explore these sites, especially as you become more sophisticated in your preparations.

This article:

references 9 'forever foods,' while this one:

references 15.

Not all of these are inexpensive, but items like sugar, salt and vinegar certainly qualify.

In addition to these, I would add several yards of unbleached muslin, in case you need bandages or slings -- or a host of other items that can be made quickly, without sewing, from this wonderful fabric. Because we do not have a locally-owned fabric store, I buy mine from the sewing and crafts department at WAL-MART, and try to buy whatever size is MADE IN USA. Prior to storing, I wash and dry without fabric softener. Should you ever need to tear pieces to wrap up and make impromptu feminine products, you would want it to be absorbent. Washing will improve that quality in the fabric.

I hope this information will help you decide on some low-cost items to put away for a rainy day.

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  1. Sorry to hear you have been sick. Hope your better soon. I am going to read the links . Thanks for sharing. Blessings jane