Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's never what you think!

Well look who's caught with her pants down! I have food, light and cooking preparedness, but NEVER thought we'd need HEAT backup as part of everyday non-disaster planning. I live 10 miles north of the US-Mexico border in the SW US. Newsflash: It is supposed to be WARM here.

Last night got into single digits. Forecast says we will not break freezing today. It has been so cold that we are having natural gas outages. I think they started last night. I noticed my thermostat was set to 70 but it was only 64 degrees as I left the house this morning. I just called my neighbor and her house is 60 degrees and falling. Stove is gas too, so dogs and microwave tea are the sources of heat. Darn, I was just thinking about putting hot water bottles on my list of things to have on hand....

The gas company is asking employers to curtail business and turn thermostats down so they can provide enough gas to keep houses from freezing. My boss mentioned that we should stand by to telecommute. For half of us that would be from a cold house. Some days this preparedness stuff feels like whack-a-mole!

Let's all learn from my experience: better to have broad coverage for your 72 hour preparedness kits, and then concentrate on the most-likely scenarios for the in-depth preparations.

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  1. You need a wood heater, that's what we heat with. Then if you have a power outage your prepared,as far as heat goes anyway. Hope everything works out .Try to stay warm. Blessings jane