Friday, May 5, 2017

An odd frugal tip for some folks

We live in a rural village far from the big city. There's a WalMart about half that distance in the opposite direction. When we need something, if we don't have it, it's a long way to start the hunt for whatever 'it' is.  The closer shopping venue is 4 gallons of gasoline away, round trip. The 'big city's around gallons round trip. That means one extra trip a month costs between $10 and $17. Amazon prime is $9.99 a month, shipping is free on most items and 'it' usually arrives on our doorstep within 48 hours.  We also use a Roku to take advantage of the Amazon Prime video offerings.  Both Dear Husband and I have Kindle readers installed on our tablets, so take advantage of the free books on Prime, all for the cost of one unplanned trip to town.

I've spoken with people here in town who think Prime is too expensive. Maybe they have a better crystal ball than we do. Until we better calibrate ours, I'll keep on with Prime.



  1. thanks for the idea.
    we live in town but are ageing.
    for 10$ per month, delivery to the door, especially in these northern winters, sounds like a bargain.
    i don't know anyone who has amazon prime so i thank you for your outlook.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. We've been pretty happy with it, and it has cut our trips to the big city from monthly to less than once a quarter. For larger items like furniture, we've used Wayfair twice and had good experiences. We bought a living room rug (and winter clothes and shoes) from Sierra Trading Post with good result as well. If you use STP, sign up for their Deal Flyer first. They will send free shipping or % off offers. Several times a month. My UPS driver will also pick up the STP prepaid returns, so no trips to town for returns, either.

  2. Don't forget the Video Prime and Audio Prime with paid memberships. Prime coupled with Netflix is a LOT cheaper than a cable bill.

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