Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Live in or near a city? Pay attention!

If you haven't read or heard about the near riots resulting from the electronic benefits card (also called SNAP, replacement for food stamps) 'computer glitches' last week, listen up.

The 'glitch' lasted several hours. In 17 states the cards showed zero-balance and holders could not purchase food. In one state, the cards showed unlimited purchase power.  Both conditions led to near riot reactions.  Articles show photos of a Wal-Mart that looks like it as looted as card holders in the 'unlimited' state took full advantage. Others, in states with zero-balance show multiple full carts abandoned in the stores.

This was after only a percentage of the population was affected for a few hours. Even if this wasn't engineered as a message about the power of government, you might want to ponder it as such.

Bottom line is that it showed how fragile some segments of society are right now.  Even if you are temporarily reliant on government benefits, or like me are a federal retiree, tuck away some non-perishable food and supplies with a few bucks a month. Don't forget your K-Mart rewards points -- they translate directly to cash you can spend on canned or dry food.  (Even FEMA is now suggesting 2 weeks of food and supplies.) If the system had gone down for longer, grocery shopping could have been problematic.


  1. I like the idea of the government flexing it's muscle for Congress. I thought it might have been Chinese hackers telling Washington to get their act together. Either way, it's past time to get prepared, but not too late.

    1. It seemed way too convenient to be accidental, but we planners start seeing trends if two points look like they could maybe make a line!

  2. re riots etc
    In my lifeboat (91 3/4 ton 4x4 suburban with barn doors vice tailgate) I have food, water, rifle, parka and insulated bibs. If due to riot, weather,
    earthquake etc I cannot drive directly home I can sleep safe from weather, crawlers and biters. If the rioters are lucky they will not catch
    BTW genius engineer who designed the suburban did not put an inside handle on the rear doors. I removed the door panel, watched things move when I locked, unlocked and pressed thumb button. I can now lock, unlock and open the door from inside.
    BTW we carry similar gear in my wife's 95 Jeep GCL 4x4.
    Forrest Gump's bumper sticker IT HAPPENS is the story of my life.
    Am I (the only) paranoid? You probably don't need to carry all that stuff since nothing bad can ever happen to you.

    1. Just because you haven't needed it yet doesn't mean you're paranoid! As goes the old saying "better to have and not need than to need and not have." Could be the difference between life and death, so what's the harm?

  3. The announcement that several states were told to cut their EBT starting in November was a threat that kinda proves they were counting on riots. We are so screwed.