Saturday, September 7, 2013

National Preparedness Month AGAIN!

My, how time has flown since the last one.  If you are new to the preparedness concept, please look at the pages listed at the top of this blog.  There are tips and 'how-to's" for the novice to help make basic preparedness simple and relatively inexpensive.  FEMA guidelines suggest a 72-hour kit for emergencies that will require evacuation and 2 weeks of basics like food, water, alternate light and heat if you will shelter in place.

My suggestion is look at the types of emergencies that may arise in your area and do some homework.  Neither 72-hour or 2-week kits may have been right for the Katrina or Sandy recipients. How about some of those tornadoes that leveled blocks? A basement or buried supplies may be a good idea.

Here's another bit of food for thought: Do you have elderly parents? How will you help them in an emergency? More of those of us in the baby boom and sandwich generations have parents and/or children to consider in our preparations.

Speaking of caring for elderly parents, if you don't already have some perspective on this undertaking, don't miss Dick Lane's e-book on his experience.  How would you plan emergency preparedness for this situation?  Now, doesn't that make your planning needs look much easier?

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