Friday, July 19, 2013

Overdue Product Recommendation: UVpaqlite

I usually wait a while before recommending a product. In this case I have used the product daily for over a year, and am ready to highly recommend the brand.  I will also buy more in the near future.

The product line, UVpaqlite, is pretty cool. These US-made products are highly portable, self-recharging lighting products.  My first was a gift from a friend.  The product line was somewhat limited back then, but I bought a few more of the X-small of these:

So what was my product test? It was primarily about the light: how much light, what was needed to recharge it and how long it would last, both short and longer term.
I have occasional insomnia. When I wake up and can't get back to sleep, I leave the bedroom so I don't wake my bread winning Husband. Before this product, I'd tried some flashlights and other carry items.  Invariably I'd forget to take them back to the bedroom, so would end up stumbling in the dark.  My solution: Using 3 of the extra-small UVpaqlites, I set up aiming points on a path from the bedroom to the study.  These are hung in out of the way places, like door hinges and light fixtures where most people would not notice them.  None of the locations are in direct sunlight.  More than a year later, these aiming points glow brightly enough to get me safely back and forth in the dark a couple or three times a week. Even at 3 or 4 AM, they are still glowing.
The larger items are not inexpensive, but they never need batteries so what you pay is for long term lighting. The lighting packets are incredibly light weight and come with a little chain on them.  If you are camping or backpacking, you can hang them on the outside of your tent or pack during the day and they will recharge. Otherwise, they are very low maintenance.
Use as markers and beacons can't be underestimated. My insomnia-path is also a secondary escape route from the bedroom. A spot on your phone or flashlight may help save a life. Think about the airline announcement about the lights on the aisle floor... small paclite spots (1.25 inch diameter) can lead to a larger light at the closest exit. 

Now that I have confidence in the lighting technology, I plan to purchase a few more items from them.  Larger lights for preparedness supplies and glow spots for home. I need to mount some low lights in a few spots to illuminate the occasional sleeping dog!  

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