Saturday, May 4, 2013

To Do List for May

Here are a few things that are good to do any month. These contribute to being frugal and content.  If you haven't done any of them lately, May's a good time to start.

- Decide if there is a credit card you can pay off and stop using without going into debt on other cards.  Gist of this one is reduce your debt load.

- Clean out a closet and get rid of stuff you don't have a good use for, like clothes that you've outgrown. Take them to a consignment shop, give them to a neighbor or donate them to a good cause.

- Plant something.  If you only have one pot that you can put on your apartment balcony, plant a tomato or a couple of okra seeds. Eat what you grow.

- Reflect on how you spend your money. If it seems vague to you, get a small notebook and record everything you spend for a month. Analyze what you've spent and decide whether you want to spend differently. Do you really need 2 pedicures a month?  How often do you buy lunch at work, rather than pack a lunch?  You may see some ways to finance paying off that credit card or adding to your preparedness posture by changing your spending patterns.

- Get out and enjoy the weather.  Take walks regularly, garden if you have a yard (rather than pay someone to do it for you!), clean out the garage before the summer heat comes on.

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