Sunday, April 28, 2013

Great Product: Orange Drink Beverage Mix

I'm really impressed with the Orange Drink mix (beverage product) from Emergency Essentials.  No, it doesn't taste like fresh orange juice.  It does taste good though -- refreshing without any weird aftertaste.  Better than Tang for sure! You can also make a good gelatin desert with it using plain gelatin and adjusting the strength of the mix and water.  So that's the palatability part of my review.

Here's the best part. The FORTIFIED name on the can means it has lots of nutrients in it.  Take a look at those vitamins and minerals. Many of these are needed in stressful situations or emergencies. If you are using the Food Storage Analyzer and are frustrated with your inability to balance some of the nutrients, add a can of the Orange Drink Mix. You'll be surprised by the changes!

If you still aren't sure that you want to add this to your long-term storage until you try it, or just want a smaller size because you keep only a few days of food storage, try the MY CHOICE size.  One MY CHOICE can holds 28 ounces of beverage powder, which should make 27  8-ounce servings.

Yes, I have some of this in my emergency food supplies.

Two other drink mix flavors are also available, peach and apple.  I tasted the apple drink at one of the Emergency Essentials stores on my trip through Utah and it's also very good.

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