Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy National Preparedness Month!

Since September 2002, our government has designated September as National Preparedness Month.  This is a great time to review or maintain your existing plans and supplies.  If you don't have plans and supplies, it is a great time to start the process. If you are a novice, this site is designed especially for you.  Please review the pages listed at the top of the blog, starting with Prep 101.  The steps will lead you through many simple, low cost ways to start thinking about your -- and your family's --preparedness needs.  Additional steps will help you gather and store what you have on hand so you can more easily find it in an emergency.  Older postings on the blog will provide my own insights and lessons learned, especially when I have learned by goofing!

Other pages listed along the top will provide some sources of help for low-cost emergency preparedness.  If there are seminars, open houses or other 'trade shows' on preparedness in your community this month, GO TO THEM.  Not only do they usually give away free useful stuff like flashlights and water bottles, you can also learn skills!  After decades of walking past and even inspecting fire extinguishers, I finally got to use one on a real fire at one of these events. It was a small fire, started by firemen for each trainee.  They also coached each of us on how to use the extinguisher -- AIM AT THE BASE OF THE FIRE, not the flames.  I didn't understand that before!! 

Take advantage of opportunities to get yourselves and your homes calibrated for the coming winter!

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