Monday, August 13, 2012

Low cost food storage samples

I've sent for some free or nearly-free samples of dried food storage items from companies that sell the buckets of 'ready-made' food packets.  It's the 'just add water' thing.  My first was Wise foods. They sent 'beef stroganoff'.  A more precise name would have been beef-flavored TVP stroganoff. Maybe I added too much water or something. It was not a product I would look forward to eating, especially after a long day of feeling overwhelmed and fearful -- a likely emergency scenario.  The product was, however, fast and easy to make. Add hot water to the pouch, give a quick stir, seal, wait a few minutes and dig in.

My latest acquisition is from GO global food.  For the $9.95 postage, you receive a generous collection of samples. They provide 3 beverage packets to try along with 2 entrees and a soup. The entree and soup packets claim to serve 4 with per-serving calorie counts between 130 for the soup to 269 for one of the entrees. Each packet has an attributes header on the back addressing everything from "Made in USA' to the electrolyte balance to GMO status. Based on the "best if used by' date, they are aiming for 15 years or more of shelf life.  Here is the website:

My disclaimers:
1. I haven't tried any of these yet. Too hot here in southern AZ for anything but salads and BBQ.  Once we try them, I'll let you know the verdict.
2. They are not ready to hydrate in the pouch. You will need a source of heat, a pan that will hold 5 cups or more of boiling water and food, and the ability to simmer for up to 25 minutes, depending on the product.
3. There are only a few ingredients listed on the products' packets that I would not normally add to my food preparation, like palm oil and tapioca dextrin.

There also seems to be a tupperware-thing going on to entice people to be part of their GO party distribution system. I'm not one of those participants.  Who knows, after I try the product maybe I'll sign up. Or not.

If any of you order and try before I do, or have tried already, give me a shout.

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