Monday, July 4, 2011

Prepared for Odd Emergencies?

There's a saying in the preparedness community: You're always preparing for the last emergency." Well, to me that has 2 meanings: 1. you are improving on what you weren't ready for in the previous emergency OR 2. It really is the LAST one and you're stuck with what you have.

Our recent experience with the Monument Fire was a doozie. Whether you were evacuated or in a 'pre-evacuation' warning area, your mind wasn't on work. That meant that about 5,000 people may have left their homes, but the largest employer was not fire-affected yet, so work went on. Sure there was some special assistance for the family members who were displaced, but the actual employees were expected to be at work or on leave.

My GO! bag did not include high heels and a few office-appropriate skirts and jackets. Whoever heard of an emergency where you need to scrounge to find a place to stay or stay in a shelter, and report to work as though nothing odd was happening! It was a new one on me, but apparently it happens!

See -- I had to do some new planning for this twist on an emergency, which frankly could happen every year around here. So I now know what 8 pieces of clothing, plus 2 pairs of shoes, I can shove in to a small duffel bag to have 14 outfits for a work wardrobe. Pretty goofy, eh?

My selections include 4 tops, 2 soft solid-color (Chico's travelers collection) jackets that I often wear in summer, and 1 each black trousers and skirt. One more top would be really nice, as you wouldn't need to repeat or wash one during the week. One of the tops only goes with one jacket rather than both, so it gives me 7 top-and-jacket combo's that can be worn with the trousers or with the skirt, so 14 outfits. Everything is washable except the skirt.

Are you ready to go-but-not-go?

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