Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Apologies and What have you done??

I am officially over the mononucleosis that has had me down since February!! My apologies for not posting, but I've been pooped and haven't had a cogent thought in 2 months!

I have, however, done a few things for my preparedness. If the earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and tornadoes haven't caused you to ask "AM I PREPARED???" then what will?? Do you need a mack truck to join you in your livingroom?

I reorganized my food storage and labelled the boxes by type of meal. Example: if the box contains dry beans, dry rice, freeze dried fruit, and wheat to make flour for biscuits, then it is labelled "SLOW LUNCH," based on the most likely type of meal and how long it would take to fix it. A box with ready-made granola, pilot crackers, peanut butter, dry milk and orange drink mix may be labelled "QUICK BREAKFAST."

WHY THIS SYSTEM? If we are in a situation that requires rapid relocation and we just have time to grab two boxes, I will go for the QUICK ones. I'll probably grab a breakfast and a dinner. If we are sheltering in place, and for example, have gas but no electric, I may open the 'slow lunch' and make split pea soup to serve over rice, especially if I don't want to open my fridge and let the cold out.

The point is, just think through whatever organization will work for you, based on how you think, where you live and what the likely emergencies may be. Being able to manage with a system that reflects how you think, so you can react appropriately and quickly, is part of your preparedness.

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